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Monopoly Go mod apk, why you shouldn't download them!

Mod APKs on Monopoly Go can let you play unlimited games and unlock certain features. Except that it's illegal and risky. We explain why.

If you play Monopoly Go, you may have been frustrated several times by the dice roll limit or the time it takes to complete your cities. During your research, you may have heard of Monopoly Go APK mods, presented as free, legal solutions that give you unlimited money and faster progress in the game.

As you can see, these are cheat mods. Before downloading one, let us introduce you to what an APK mod is, its advantages, but also the risks of downloading one to play Monopoly Go. And there are legal ways to get free dice rolls in Monopoly Go.

What is a Monopoly Go APK mod?

APK MOD files are modified files of the original applications. These modifications can give you extra bonuses, such as unlimited money or the removal of ads from a game. On paper, it's interesting because you have the original game, with the possibility of playing online with other players, just as if you had the basic game, but with additional advantages.

However, you can't download the Mod APKs from the usual download platforms like Play Store or App Store. You have to go through external sites, which are more or less reliable.


What are the risks of downloading an APK mod for Monopoly Go?

The first risk is downloading malware onto your phone or tablet. In fact, as mentioned above, to download an APK mod, you have to go through external sites. To recognize dangerous sites, you need to know that they will generally present their files as files created by the game publishers, such as Scopely for Monopoly Go, which is completely false! Scopely would have no interest in sharing a cheat version of its own game, which would cause it to lose money. These same sites will usually feature thousands of positive reviews or repeat descriptions of Monopoly Go.

Another risk is that using cheating software is considered illegal. Even if you manage to find a virus-free, working Monopoly Go mod APK, your account may be deleted for cheating. You'll have to start all over again.


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