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Monopoly Go gold card, how to get one?

Among the card collections, there are the Gold cards in Monopoly Go! We explain what they're for and how to get them.

In Monopoly Go, it's important to complete your card collections if you want to advance your cities. By completing them, you'll be able to unlock bonuses such as numerous dice, money and exclusive counters.

If you want to find all the cards in the game, especially the golden ones, you'll need to unlock numerous decks of cards. Here's how to optimize your chances of finding them.

What are card collections in Monopoly Go?

In Monopoly Go, it's all about getting as many dice as possible to move around the board and earn as much money as possible while taking part in events. A good source of free dice is to be found in the card collections. As you progress, you'll unlock new collections to complete. If you manage to collect all the cards for each theme, you can earn dice rolls, money and, in some cases, exclusive counters.

To obtain the cards, you need to earn packs. You can earn them during events, by completing your daily missions, or by logging on to the game every day. You can also exchange cards with your friends on Monopoly Go. We invite you to join a Monopoly Go community Discord server community Discord server to find new friends with whom to exchange cards.


What are gold cards, and how do I get them?

As you may have noticed in your collections, some cards have a gold border, which means they're gold cards! These cards are essential for completing your collections and obtaining their rewards. But how do you get them?

Like the classic cards, you can find them in the various card packs (green, blue and purple). However, they are rarer than the other cards, so we recommend that you aim for the purple card packs in which at least one 5-star card is guaranteed. Unlike cards, you can't yet trade them with players, which makes it even more difficult to obtain them. Nevertheless, it's possible that a trading event will appear in the coming months.


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