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How do I win dice on Monopoly Go?

The dice in Monopoly Go are essential for making rapid progress. Here's how to win as many as you can for free.

If you play Monopoly Go, you know how important dice are. Without them, it's impossible to move forward on the board, and therefore earn money to move your city forward. What's even more frustrating is that, once all the dice have been used up, you have to wait several hours to refill your stock.

Fortunately, there are several ways to earn free dice on Monopoly Go. In particular, you can take part in the various events or add to your card collections. I invite you to find out more about these solutions at the end of this article!

How can I win dice on Monopoly Go?

Daily log-ins and quests

Every day, when you log on to Monopoly Go, you can earn different rewards. Every day, you can earn your login rewards, which regularly offer dice. There are also new offers, some of which give you a few dice and some money for free. So don't forget to collect them every day.

In addition to log-in rewards, you can complete daily missions. These can be found in the menu at bottom left. By completing them, you can not only win various gifts, but also complete the weekly gauge, which offers even greater rewards! Please note that you only have a week to complete them, and the daily missions are limited, so you'll need to complete them every day if you want to take advantage of all these gifts.


Sticker collections

You've probably already opened sticker packs in Monopoly Go, but do you know what they're for? As you progress through the game, you unlock more and more collections. These collections, once completed, allow you to obtain some very big rewards, such as lots of dice, money and exclusive counters.

To complete them, it's important to know how to get stickers in Monopoly Go.


Daily dice links and gift codes

Monopoly Go regularly shares daily dice links on its social networks. These links allow you to get free dice. For your convenience, we've compiled them in our article dedicated to Monopoly Go daily dice links.

The publisher also shares gift codes that you can enter in the settings section of your game. For the moment, this feature is not available to everyone. We have, however, compiled a list of all active Monopoly Go gift codes in our dedicated article.


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