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New Monopoly GO event, what's next on January 22, 2024?

On Monopoly GO, you'll be able to enjoy various limited-time events, and we're giving you the new events for January 22, 2024.

Monopoly is a classic board game, and now it's available in a mobile version thanks to the Monopoly Go! application. Monopoly Go! app developed by Scopely in collaboration with Hasbro. This new game takes the principles of the board game and modernizes them by adding an original dimension. If you like this kind of game, you're probably familiar with Coin Master and its crazy towers.

In Monopoly Go! players can try to obtain free rewards such as dice through links, or money and other useful items by taking part in events. Some players are wondering which events are available from January 22, 2024, so we're going to give you the list provided by the Wiki.

What are the next events available on Monopoly GO on January 22, 2024?

If, like most Monopoly GO players, you're wondering what events will be available from this January 22, 2024, well, the English Wiki dedicated to the game has revealed the three events that will be available from this day(source). Please note that we only have the names in English at the moment, here are the events coming out this January 22:

  • Ski Stars (Limited-time event), playable from January 22 at 2 p.m. until January 24
  • Ice Dance Off (daily tournament), available from 7 p.m.

A new excavation event will also be added, as the next two events offer pickaxes as rewards. Meanwhile, Ski Stars, we remind you thatWinter Express is still available until 2 p.m.

How does Monopoly GO work?

Players can develop their own buildings thanks to the many rewards and bonuses they can collect, depending on the board squares and rents to be collected. But you can also rob other players' banks and destroy their buildings. In Monopoly Go!, players have a limited number of dice rolls at their disposal. Once they've all been used up, you have to wait a while before you can get new ones, or buy them via in-app purchases.

Station squares are one of the most interesting elements of Monopoly Go! as they allow you to carry out attacks and robberies against other players. When your pawn is positioned on a station square, the attack is randomly selected by the app: Bank Closure or Bank Robbery. Victims are chosen at random, and you can protect yourself with shields.


To earn rewards, bonuses, money and dice rolls, it's important to climb the levels, enjoy the daily gifts and mini-games regularly offered, and collect stickers that you can place in your albums. If you manage to complete your collection, you'll win lots of money and dice rolls. You can also earn bonuses by completing objectives, such as upgrading three monuments or collecting 20,000 in cash.